Customized Course Development

Does your business need fully customized safety courses and training?
Do none of the current safety course offerings fit your needs?

Ask us about customized course development for your workplace. We will incorporate materials and information related to the work you do. Custom training is more engaging because employees see the relevance and applicability of what they learn. Training courses are developed with the goal of improving the health and safety knowledge, skills, and abilities of the participants and influencing a safety conscious attitude in the performance of their jobs.

Course development includes:

  1. conducting a course needs analysis;
  2. documenting training objectives;
  3. determining course design;
  4. developing training content;
  5. determining training course delivery requirements, including criteria for completion; and
  6. developing evaluations.

Training course materials are system dependent and will include:

  1. Instructor Guide
  2. PowerPoint Presentation
  3. Student Guide

Employee certification must be issued by an approved instructor representing OHS Registry and the instructor must use the applicable training materials developed by OHS Registry.

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