What is the Teaching and Accreditation Standard?

The delivery of employee training in a workplace environment differs from a school, college or university environment. The students are adult employees not regular students and may need to be re-engaged in the learning process. The employees may be interested in the training program being delivered because of their job activities, or it may simply be that a company policy requires them to participate. It is the instructor’s job to deliver the employee training and make it as meaningful as possible.

The task for the OHS Registry is to assist all Instructors in maintaining compliance with occupational health and safety regulatory agencies and to ensure that programs are delivered in accordance with the OH&S Teaching and Accreditation Standard. The OHS Registry Teaching and Accreditation Standard has been established as a benchmark for quality assurance that all authorized Training Centres, accredited Instructor Certification Course Trainers and Certified Professional Instructors follow (mandatory) when delivering workforce safety training.

During the ICC (Instructor Certification Course) the OHS Registry Teaching and Accreditation Standard requirements for accepted practices will be referenced. Teaching and Accreditation Standards information is contained within this ICC participant guide that is reviewed in the classroom phase of the Instructor Certification Course.

The purpose for the OHS Registry Teaching and Accreditation Standard is to establish the minimum requirements to be followed by all OHS Registry authorized Training Centres and the Certified Professional Instructors that deliver OHS Registry safety training programs.

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