Leadership Award

The OH&S Leadership Award Program was founded in 2023.  It was designed to recognize OH&S Registry Safety trained persons who step forward and use their leadership skills.  The Leadership Award is the OH&S Registry’s highest recognition for individual achievement. This award acknowledges and celebrates exemplary leadership that has a significant and positive impact on advancing safety in the occupational setting. Anyone may submit a nomination for the Leadership Award with the candidate’s permission.

Self-nominations are not accepted. It is the responsibility of the nominator to summarize the nominee’s achievements in sufficient detail to document why this individual should be considered, above all others, for this distinguished award.

The Recognition Committee reviews nominations for the leadership award against the following required criteria:

  • Leadership within the organization where they have been employed.
  • Leadership within the OH&S Registry membership.
  • Leadership within the safety continuing education profession.

In addition, the committee also considers evidence that supports:

  • Leadership in the effective practice of supporting leadership education.
  • Leadership in managing safety programs within an organization.
  • Leadership in areas of professional development within a professional association or society.
  • Leadership in influencing change or new directions in the application of safety practices.
  • Leadership in the creation of knowledge and collaborative work in the theory and practice of safety training and education.

Guidelines and Eligibility

An OH&S Registry Leadership award is intended not to be given more than once to an individual. It may be awarded more than once to an individual that has previously received the award if they are a part of a team recognition. Preference for the Leadership Award and the Community Leadership Award will be given to candidates who have not received either of these awards previously.

Candidates must be or have been contributing members of the safety community, directly associated with managing safety information and resources in safety education, and individuals who have made significant and demonstratable leadership contributions to the safety field.

Candidates may not be currently serving on the OH&S Registry Quality Assurance Board, OH&S Registry Staff, or OH&S Registry Recognition Committee.

Anyone within or outside of the OH&S Registry membership may submit nominations for the award.

Unsure if the Candidate you would like to Nominate Qualifies?

Please reach out to the OH&S Registry Leadership Recognition Committee at info@ohsregistry.com and we will be pleased to answer questions about the nominations process, guidelines, or eligibility.


Award recipients are recognized by the OH&S Registry and highlights of their accomplishments are also added to the award gallery. Recipients will also earn an award certificate that will document and display their achievement.

To nominate someone for the award, simply make a copy of the Leadership Award Nomination Form, fill it out, sign it, and e-mail it to:


OH&S Registry

Attention – Leadership Recognition Committee

825 – B Laval Crescent

Kamloops, BC V2C 5P2

The Leadership Award Recognition Committee will review the nomination and should there be any questions, you will be contacted.  If additional information is not required, the award will be prepared and forwarded to the nominator or if preferred it will be sent directly to the nominee.

These awards are given free of charge.

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