What Instructional Support Services does the OH&S Registry provide?

The OHS Registry members are a community of educators, that use effective instructional practices and strategies to support student engagement, achievement and success.

At the OHS Registry we strive to provide our Instructors with support that provides time-saving resources to enhance classrooms and enrich the overall teaching experience.

OHS Registry Instructional Services include;

  1. Helping you to stay in compliance with the Training and Accreditation Standard.
  2. Helping you with questions about course delivery, or evaluations.
  3. Helping to ensure instructors are competent and remain certified.
  4. Helping answer question about the training and certification procedures.
  5. Helping with questions about maintenance of training and certification records.
  6. Helping you to ensure that training facilities, supplies and equipment meet the requirements of the Training and Accreditation Standard.

Most questions can be readily answered at the time of your call, but a delay may be necessary for those questions requiring research or consultation with government agencies.

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