Instructor Certification Package

Once you have completed your Instructor Certification Course, the Instructor Trainer that conducted your program will ensure that all necessary documents are completed correctly and that they are signed. All instructor course documents will be collected from you and they will form a part of the Instructor Application package that is submitted to the OHS Registry for review and approval of your Instructor status.

Once your current teaching status has been approved by the OHS Registry you will receive an email within a few days that will indicate your Instructor registry number and your ability to begin teaching programs.

Within a few weeks you will then receive a formal Welcome Package in the mail giving you our Congratulations!

Enclosed in the welcome Package, you will find your Certificate(s) of Recognition and Certification Card(s) recognizing that you are authorized to teach OHS Registry Safety program(s).

Should you be in need of any further assistance simply contact your OH&S Registry representative and until then, we wish you every success with your continuing education career.

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