Instructor Membership Status and Who is it for?

Occupational instructors need to be suitably prepared to provide continuing education in the health and safety industry. Certified Professional Instructor talents and time are in demand. OHS Registry has unique assessment-based programming that covers the entire process of delivering training, including planning and preparation, creating a positive learning environment, facilitating and evaluating learning. Grounded in theory and focused on practice and application, the OHS Registry – ICC (Instructor Certification Course) will develop your professional capacity and expertise.

The OHS Registry supports the health and safety continuing education profession and represent highly qualified professionals who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to providing the highest standards of instruction, ethics and best practices.

Members of the OHS Registry bring exceptional skill and talent to the occupational training field and an OHS Registry Certified Professional Instructor designation will provide the job-ready skills that employers value.

Membership with the OHS Registry brings profound meaning to the word “professional” and the attributes that define what true professionals are is strengthened with OHS Registry Certified Professional Instructor, Master Instructor, Instructor Trainer, and the OHS Registry ICC Director designation.

Certified Professional Instructor – CPI

Instructor-led courses delivered by experienced, qualified, certified and OHS Registry registered Instructors is the most popular learning method to gain knowledge of best and common safety practices. Recognized as industry experts, OHS Registry Certified Professional Instructors are the only authorized deliverers of OHS Registry courses.

Master Instructor – MI

A Master Instructor title is the highest Instructor status that a certified OHS Registry Instructor can achieve. Certified Professional Instructors build their presentation skills and confidence in the classroom and through interaction with other instructional colleagues. Instructors fine tune their skills and ultimately perfect those skills during teaching experiences.

Instructor Trainer – IT

Instructor Trainers are experienced instructors who are dedicated to safety education. OHS Registry Instructor Trainers are the only individuals certified to train OHS Registry Instructors as part of the Instructor Certification Course (ICC). Instructor Trainers serve as role models for all members of the OHS Registry.

Instructor Certification Course Director – ICCD

The OHS Registry Instructor Certfication Course Director (ICC Director) designation signifies the highest Instructor Trainer achievement in the OHS Registry. This exclusive rating is only attained by those who demonstrate a total understanding of the OHS Registry continuing education system. This distinction can only be obtained through experience. ICC Directors are OHS Registry leaders.

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