What is the Quality Review Board and What does it do?

Because OHS Registry instructors are not employees of OHS Registry and are not under the direct supervision of OHS Registry staff, the OHS Registry conducts “Quality Assurance” reviews to make sure each Instructor is conducting training in accordance with the Teaching and Accreditation Standards. This ensures that there is consistency in applying those standards by all members of the OHS Registry.

The quality assurance process also includes the services of the quality review board (QRB). The review board looks into complaints submitted to the OHS Registry by students, clients, or anyone that takes issue with a member of the OHS Registry. The review process seeks compliance not punitive damages.

Once the review board receives a complaint, the complainant will receive written confirmation within five business days that the complaint request has been received and that the complaint is within the review board’s jurisdiction.

If a complaint is a matter within the review board’s jurisdiction, a representative of the board will notify the individual member and or training centre whom the complaint is about, that a review process is being conducted into the matter. There will be a formal request for a written response to the complaint.

The boards secretariat will gather all the relevant facts and background information regarding the complaint, and will forward this information to a panel of review board members for their consideration. The panel may then ask the Secretariat to gather additional information, and they may also interview stakeholders and/or seek professional advice from experts.

The review board anticipates completion of a review within 120 business days, or both the complainant and the respondent will be notified. Once the review is complete, the review board will issue a final report. If recommendations have been made, then a copy of the recommendations will be sent to the respondent to ensure the implementation of those recommendations. The complainant will also be advised of the review board’s final report.

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