What is the OHS Registry and Who is it for?

The OHS Registry is a quality assurance service that implements standards and guidelines that are followed by authorized OHS Registry Training Centres, and Certified Professional Instructors when delivering occupational health and safety training. The OHS Registry is also for anyone with an interest in the quality assurance and improvement practices of OH&S safety training including regulatory authorities, occupational licensing boards, professional associations, and educational accreditors of occupational continuing education curriculums.

Being able to demonstrate that the OHS Registry has an effective quality assurance system in place is required for approval or acceptance of workforce training programs by regulatory authorities. It can also help reduce legal exposure for OHS Registry Training Centres that deliver OHS Registry safety training programs to their employees.

The OHS Registry monitors performance of authorized OHS Registry Training Centres, accredited Instructor Certification Course Trainers and Certified Professional Instructors so that the continuing education services that they provide meet or exceed the requirements of occupational regulatory authorities, industry advocates and other approvers.

A standard is “something set up and established by an authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value, or quality”. A guideline is “an indication or outline of policy or conduct.” The OHS Registry Teaching and Accreditation Standard has been established as a benchmark for quality assurance that all authorized Training Centres, accredited Instructor Certification Course Trainers and Certified Professional Instructors are required to follow (mandatory) when delivering workforce safety training.

Quality assurance is a continuous process of identifying and resolving problems, examining the solutions to those problems and monitoring the solutions for improvement. Consequently, regular review of the classroom documentation that is required to be sent to the OHS Registry by all Certified Professional Instructors ensures that inconsistencies in the delivery of workforce safety training are identified and that the resulting concerns are addressed.

The OHS Registry also acts as an information resource for authorized OH&S Training Centre staff, and their Certified Professional Instructors who have questions or concerns regarding the offering of OHS Registry safety training programs to ensure the content meets with their regional compliance requirements.

The OHS Registry is an administrative process used to continually improve the validity, defensibility, and effectiveness of its authorized Training Centre’s, and Certified Professional Instructors.

The OHS Registry provides the following Training Centre Services:

  1. Training Program Acceptance, Approval, and Accreditation
  2. Training Program Quality Assurance,
  3. Conformity with Occupational Health and Safety Practice Guidelines,
  4. Advisory Groups and Peer-Review,
  5. Training Centre Standards,
  6. Training Centre Approval,
  7. Record Maintenance,
  8. Quality Assurance Reviews (QAR),
  9. Certified Professional Instructor and ICC Trainer Authorization,
  10. Terms and Conditions for New Instructor Authorization,
  11. Terms and Conditions for Instructor Reauthorization,
  12. Formal Complaint Process and Appeal Process.

Registry Status Database

As part of our commitment to Quality Assurance, the OHS Registry maintains an online database of all authorized Training Centre’s, and all Certified Professional Instructors (both current and past). The OHS Registry staff help to ensure the compliance of the Training Centre’s and the Instructors it authorizes to teach and issue workforce safety certificates.

OHS Registry Services

  1. Ensure that Training Centre’s are in compliance with the Training and Certification Standard,
  2. Ensure that acceptable course delivery and/or student examination occurs,
  3. Ensure that instructors are competent and certified,
  4. Ensure that appropriate training and certification procedures are followed,
  5. Ensure the maintenance of course training and certification records,
  6. Ensure the maintenance of instructor certification records.

The OHS Registry submits to audits and inspections by federal and provincial regulators and extends assistance to all OH&S authorized Training Centres with inspection reports that they may have been issued. The OHS Registry services are provided to all OHS Registry Authorized Training Centre’s and the OHS Registry Certified Professional Instructor membership.

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