We Share your Commitment to Safety!

Employers across all industries have a sincere desire to protect everyone on their job sites, but they face the palpable fear that one of their workers could get injured. Employers understand the risks inherent in the work tasks their workers perform, however they do want every worker to know the company is doing everything it can to help them work safely.

The good news is that the team at the OHS Registry shares your commitment to safety through meaningful and effective safety training. It takes leadership to guide workers towards safer outcomes. The people that lead successful workplaces understand that a safe and healthy workplace is a productive workplace. Successful employers also know that a safe workplace matters to everyone, but they can’t do it alone. Everyone in the workplace, from the employer to the newest worker, has a different but important set of duties to perform in order to keep the workplace safe.

There are various ways to be involved in workplace health and safety, but one of the most effective ways to participate is by becoming an OHS Registry Certified Professional Instructor. The OHS Registry will provide the support needed to develop instructor skills or to upgrade a current instructors credentials. We encourage all OHS Registry Instructors to explore a growing resource of training programs available from the OHS Registry.

At the OHS Registry we know the importance of delivering effective occupational health and safety programs. Employers need safety training that will reduce costs and as the instructor you can be confident that the safety training you conduct will mean fewer injuries. Fewer injuries means a company will spend less for insurance, property claims, legal liabilities, and workers compensation claims. Workers need training that leads to a safer workplace, a safer workplace reduces risk and reduces stress.

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