ANSWERS to 50 Frequently Asked Questions about OHS Registry Teaching Standards

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How old must an instructor of an OHS Registry training program be?

Instructor applicants must be at least 19 years of age, must participate in an OHS Registry instructor certification course (ICC), must have participated in an OHS Registry student level training program or equivalent, or have relevant field experience and or previous instructor experience.

To ensure a high standard are instructors required to sign agreements?

Instructors must sign a standard Instructor application and Instructor terms and conditions agreement.

What ways are there that an OHS Registry Instructor applicant can accomplish Certification?

Instructor applicants must participate in a formal ICC, or a structured instructor mentoring program.

Are instructors required to carry credentials with them in the classroom when training?

Instructors must have their qualifications (certification card and Registry instructor status letter) available for presentation upon request.

How often must instructors be assessed for competency prior to certification and subsequently monitored for competency after certification?

Not less than once each three years.

When monitoring of an instructor is to be conducted are formal monitoring forms used?

A formal standard monitoring form is required to be completed by a qualified person conducting the monitoring session.

Monitoring of Instructors for competency must be conducted by who?

A qualified person that has the ability, the knowledge, skills and attitude to conduct competency monitoring.

Do OHS Registry Instructor renew their certifications to deliver instruction?

Instructors must be monitored for competency at least every three (3) years to renew their teaching status.

What happens if the instructor does not renew certification within 6 months from the date of expiration?

Instructors will often require a team teaching of the first course delivered to determine competency and will be required to have an in-class monitoring completed and documented.

Does OHS Registry make the instructor file information that they maintain available?

OHS Registry information is available for inspection by an officer of a provincial or territorial occupational health and safety agency and for inspection by a peace officer representing the provincial or territorial laws of Canada.

What are the instructor obligations in regard to written testing materials?

The instructor must ensure the integrity and protection of student written testing materials from duplication or distribution.

What is the maximum class size for delivery of OHS Registry training programs?

Twelve (12) participants, however larger class sizes may be considered on an individual basis.

How old must students be to receive training certification form the OHS Registry?

The teaching and accreditation standard requires students to be at least 16 years old or the age of majority within the province or territory that certification is being issued.

What identification must a student produce for age confirmation and/or identification?

Students must be able to produce one piece of acceptable photographic identification, or a letter from their employer typed on the firm’s letterhead and signed by a company official or a letter from a sponsoring agency (if the candidate is unemployed).

In addition to completing the full course of study what written exam mark must a student achieve?

Students must demonstrate competency and they must achieve at least 70% on written test.

Who can issue OHS Registry student certification cards?

Student certification cards can only be issued by authorized Instructors that are certified and that hold current teaching status with the registry.

Can a student file a complaint or appeal in writing to the OHS Registry about an instructor?

Only after a student has pursued and exhausted all other means of appeals or remedies.

What do instructors do with the classroom teaching records after they finish delivering a course?

Instructors must keep accurate course records and send them to the OHS Registry within 30 days of the completion of a training program.

Are student level training records kept by the OHS Registry?

All student records are kept on file by the registry for the life of the student certification (three years plus one day).

Under what guidelines does the OHS Registry disclose information?

The OHS Registry will only disclose information they maintain in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Is the equipment used for OHS Registry training subject to any requirements?

Equipment used for training purposed must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations and the maintenance records must be kept up to date.

Do training facilities and field exercise grounds have to comply with any regulations?

All training facility (classroom) and field exercise grounds must comply with relevant sections of the OH&S Regulations and applicable building/occupancy codes.

Can instructors provide accommodation to students participating in training?

Instructors must adhere to the OHS Registry Teaching and Accreditation Standard regarding decisions about students who may require accommodation.

If a student is given accommodation in a training course do they still have to demonstrate skill?

Regardless of accommodation made during a training class, students are required to demonstrate skills according to an accepted reasonable performance standard.

Do OHS Registry workplace skills training courses all have written tests?

Written knowledge tests are applicable during all training programs and are a requirement for all students to complete successfully.

Can the instructor present an oral test to a student?

An oral test may be conducted if the instructor believes that a student’s performance on a written test was poor as a result of a learning disability, Low levels of literacy, or English as an additional language.

What course authorities does OHS Registry training use?

The recommendations of many training source authorities are used for training purposed and include Canada’s occupational regulations and industry specific codes of practice.

What senses do we all use as the primary means to gain new knowledge?

New knowledge is gained through the combined use of the five senses of hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell.

What teaching materials does the OHS Registry instructional system include?

The OH&S teaching system is a combination of an instructor guide, PowerPoint presentation and student guide.

Is a student guide required during training programs?

The student guide is a resource that provides academic learner support and is required for classroom presentation of all OHS Registry training programs.

Are students required to demonstrate safety skills?

An operations level training program requires that all students perform and demonstrate skill during an assigned scenario and/or operator skill assessment.

Do instructors debrief student after skills demonstration during operator level training?

Debriefing and feedback is to be provided to the students as a means of discussing successes or failures and to explain how errors made may relate to real world consequences.

What do instructors base a student’s skill performance on?

Students performance of skill is based on the reasonable outcome derived from the actions that a student takes.

Can students give feedback about a safety program they participate in?

At the end of each OHS Registry program, students have the opportunity to give feedback about the training course, the training provider and the training environment.

What levels of programming has OHS Registry developed?

OHS Registry has developed Awareness level and Operation level of safety training.

Who is approved by the OHS Registry to teach training courses?

Only Certified Professional Instructors in Current Teaching Status.

Are instructors issued a national certification to teach anywhere in Canada?

Instructors are issued a national certification however they must make students aware of the correct local protocol, and local OH&S government requirements.

Why does the OHS Registry conduct “Quality Assurance” reviews?

Quality assurance reviews are conducted to ensure that instructors are delivering training in accordance with the OHS Registry Teaching and Accreditation Standards.

What is the quality review board?

The quality assurance process includes the services of the quality review board. The board reviews complaints submitted to the OHS Registry by students, clients, or anyone that takes issue with a member of the OHS Registry.

Can an instructor still participate in some capacity during training if their license has been denied, or suspended?

Instructors may not serve as an educator, aide, or substitute during the period of the denial, or suspension.

What instructor application status are used by OHS Registry to define Instructors?

OHS Registry uses statuses such as denied application, current active teaching status, not current status, suspended status, or revoked status.

What does an instructors current active teaching status indicate?

Active current status indicates that the instructor has renewed their certification to teach each 3 years and has been monitored each 3 years, has maintained acceptable performance standards and has delivered at least 1 course annually, and has met the requirements of the OHS Registry Teaching and Accreditation Standard and is deemed able to teach.

What happens if an instructor’s status to teach was to be revoked?

Once a review has been conducted by the registry and an Instructors status has been revoked, the revoked instructor status may not be restored by the OHS Registry.

How do instructors get answers to training and certification questions they may have?

Instructors may contact the OHS Registry Instructional support services by phone or email to get all their questions or concerns answered.

How do Instructors obtain the teaching materials they need to deliver training?

Instructors get the training materials they need from the Training Centre they have an affiliation with, or through which they are employed.

Who fills out and signs the student certification cards?

The instructor that delivers the training program is to complete and sign the student certification card.

What kind of actions could result in an Instructor’s status being revoked?

Failure to respond to the quality review boards inquiries, fraudulent or illegal action, and financial irresponsibility with the OHS Registry.

What is the most common way a student re-certifies training?

The initial training program is completed again.

Can a company policy override any OHS Registry policy?

A company cannot override a training policy, training must be delivered in accordance with OHS Registry Teaching and Accreditation Standards and OHS Registry policies.

What is the goal of the quality assurance team within the OHS Registry?

The goal of the quality assurance team is to assist instructors in maintaining their compliance with the regulations, guidelines and policies that govern their occupational health and safety training career.

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