The Road to the OHS Registry

The OHS Registry is proud to fill the role as your safety support team. Let’s look at what makes us exceptional.

We are a forward-thinking organization and we are committed to working with and mentoring the next generation of safety professionals. We pride ourselves on delivering training centre and instructor compliance services as well as the safety training programs that support the implementation of your company OHS Registry safe work programs. We’ve got your back; we want your safety leaders to be successful!

We understand that each of our customers is looking for the best safety training fit based on their unique needs and goals. We are justifiably proud to offer you innovative and inspired educational products that will help you to support those in your own safety training community. When you Register your company as a Training Centre and your In-house Instructors earn a professional certification from the OHS Registry, you’re not just working towards the safety compliance of your company. You’re improving the lives of your entire workforce. At the OHS Registry we know that becoming a Certified Professional Instructor means so much more than getting a certification, it’s about mentoring a future generation towards working safe and getting home safe everyday. Who will you impact with your instructor certification? A safer future doesn’t happen by chance. You can make a difference at your worksite Today!

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