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With your own registered safety instructors, you can issue certification tickets to your workers! Consistently train workers across multiple locations with curriculum-based safety training programs. By focusing on continuing education built with a strong foundation of adult learning theory and premium content, OHS Registry's programs will get the job done. Get your ohs training certificate today!

Designed to Keep You in Compliance

Make every hour and dollar you dedicate to your training needs count. Help ensure your compliance with federal, provincial, and territorial legislation with OHS Registry's robust instructor registry and quality assurance program. You can offer simple-to-teach, easy-to-learn programs from the OHS Registry safety training program catalogue.

Service and Support

The OHS Registry offers support designed to help your business succeed. No matter where you are, you have a team of experts available that take a personal interest in the success of the OHS Registry workforce safety training your company conducts. The OHS Registry stands behind your business and makes safety training simple for you and your instructors.

Teaming up with OHS Registry(just might be one of the best safety decisions you make)

The OHS Registry offers a professional membership and manages a quality assurance service that implements standards and guidelines that registered companies and their authorized instructors follow so that they can issue worker safety certification tickets! The OHS Registry also oversees the improvement and effectiveness of the OHS Registry safety training programs brand (OHS Registry Course Catalogue). OHS Registry safety training is a branded system that includes the OHS Registry, your company registered with OHS Registry, your instructors authorized by OHS Registry and copyrighted OHS Registry safety training programs. Become a part of the ohs trainer canada network today!

Current OHS Training Catalogue

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Standardized, Consistent Training Quality - OHS training materials are practical and interesting to your employees and whether you need your training to be delivered at one or many locations, using one or many different instructors, you can count on OHS training materials for one simple and systematic approach for consistent results at all your locations across your entire organization.

Getting your employees' an ohs training certificate is never easier.

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How to Become an OH&S Training Centre

With your own registered safety instructors, you can issue certification tickets to your workers! No matter where you are, you have a team of experts available that take a personal interest in the success of the OH&S safety training your company conducts.

Getting Started is as EASY as 1, 2, 3

Step 1.Your company registers with the OH&S Registry by completing the membership application and emailing it to There is an annual fee (the fee for the current year is FREE when you register). All companies offering OH&S training and their instructors are members of the OH&S Registry and comply with the OH&S Teaching and Accreditation Standards. Step 2. Purchase the ICC - Instructor Certification Course and the Instructor Teaching Materials. The Instructor Certification Course plus each Set of Instructor Teaching Materials include (Instructor Guide, PowerPoint Presentation and Student Guide). After initial certification, Instructors have Unlimited Access to the Catalog of Programs, each safety program can be purchased as an instructor self study package (Instructor Guide, PowerPoint Presentation and Student Guide). Step 3. Book a time for your instructor candidates to participate in the ICC (Instructor Certification Course) 2 Days theory and practical skills. Now that your company is registered and you have a certified Instructor, all you need are student books and you are ready to issue the safety tickets that will keep your workers in safety compliance and on the job! You are now a part of the ohs trainer canada program.

“Make Safety Simple by Simply teaming up with OH&S”

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